… you are either a fan, or that one girl I felt up in high school and still haven’t forgiven me, and you are waiting for that one moment to attack.

Nah, that didn’t sound the least bit paranoid.

I started reading Ernest Cline’s “Ready Player Two”. I’m a huge fan of the first book, even if a lot of people who either read the book or saw the movie looked at it as “glorified” fan fiction.

Honestly, not a lot of books do that intense structuring around things they grew up with and meticulously write a story around it. I liked the first book, and either way, I am super excited for this sequel.

Because of the holidays, and working in retail, my weekend was swamped with work, so when I got home, I just wanted to play games and relax. So, the untitled epic I’m writing on Twitter will continue, starting tomorrow.

I am also going to be using a new device at some point to write with, and use as a more mobile mouse and keyboard, and that is the Tap Strap 2. I will be reviewing it in the future, and will probably make a YouTube review vid for it. This company I have been following since the first generation Tap Strap was in crowdfunding. Because of their amazing deal on Amazon this weekend, I was able to finally take advantage of the lower price point, supporting not only a product, but a company that I am passionate about. So far, the new learning of their inputting language has been easier than expected, and I am almost to the point of moving from their introductory app that teaches you the different inputs to the intermediate app that goes through sentence writing and speed tests.

I’m honestly excited about starting to move forward with the training. I’m having a great time, and can’t wait to see how much it will help in using it on multiple platforms.

Again, the story on Twitter will resume tomorrow, and we shall watch the epic unfold together, as I am creating everything on the spot (aka “pantsing”).