Wow. Two days. That’s more communication with a bunch of strangers than I have had since, well, 2019.

The link to start the first Dazzling Comics! adventure is HERE====> Please join my Twitter feed and make sure you follow along as I weave this epic start to the Dazzling Comics! brand.

As I said in my previous post, I plan (well, I’m attempting to plan) to do a special edition of the story once it is finished. There are already four easter eggs that I have gently secured in the story for people to figure out. I am in the process of working on the language, hierarchy, religion, and world-building that I had to start writing different concepts down into a notebook so I would try hard not to fuck the story up.

I may try to do vlog updates. Blogging is archaic, and I feel I can reach more people that way. It’s a small thought. I’m not dead set on doing it, but it has crossed my mind.

I hope you, the reader, have a wonderful day, and remember to keep high hopes for our future.

Until tomorrow…maybe.