Yeah. Promises on a lot of websites were made, and none were kept. The last year (and several months) were huge. COVID-19, aka “The Second Plague”.

I know. No one calls it that. Seriously, though. We can’t get rid of the fucker. It won’t go away. President Elect Biden swears we have two vaccines. Is it possible? No one knows. Everyone is becoming used to the idea of “mask wearing” everywhere we go, outside of the home. Hell, there have been times I almost took a drink, forgetting to lower my mask. It’s become as second nature as wearing my glasses.

During my absense from the Internet, I landed a job at a hardware store, had a huge mental life change, and wrote a short, SHORT story called “A Friend for Cody.” My family and friends have read it, and a few authors I am acquainted with have read it as well. One went so far as to say that they had never read anything like it before, and another stated that I could make a career out of this.

Now, it is the end, or at least close to the end, of 2020. My wife picked up the writing bug along with me, and so far she has written the beginning of FOUR books!!! I am thoroughly amazed what that beautiful woman can accomplish.

I, on the other hand, hit a wall. I wrote several ideas, but none made it to paper or screen. I couldn’t bring myself to read either. I don’t know if it was my fear of failure, my inability to keep up with my wife’s writing, or the stress of work intruding on my creative abilities.

For all I know, it was probably all those reasons, and more.

Starting today, I took to Twitter. I remember several years ago, actor Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: TNG) wrote a short story in the form of “tweets”. His peers and authors, as well as fans of his work, applauded his story and hung onto every 144 character posts. It was very cool.

At least I thought so.

In the same vein of creative abilities, I have started an untitled sci-fi story on Twitter. I have an extensive backstory that is building, and I am flying it under the Dazzling Comics universe.

If you would like to follow the story from the beginning, please go to http://twitter.com and subscribe to @saturdayworld. You may see my current moniker, “The Great Fartsupial” as the owner of said tweets.

All futures have an origin, and this is but one of many. Keep looking at this site for updates and changes, and keep those masks up. I want you all to survive this.